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Thursday, November 22, 2012


Friday, November 23, 2012


Beaumont, Texas 





Hello Family,

Have you ever had the experience of meeting someone in your extended family for the first time and having a hard time connecting with them? 

It wasn't that you didn't love each other or care for each other.  It was just that you, your parents, or grandparents had lost contact for so long that it was hard to know where to begin. 

For some of us, we know quite a few family members in a single branch of the family but only have heard about others.  We have unspoken fears that one of our children will be in a land far away and fall in love only to find out that the two of them have the same great-grandparents.   You may have been walking the halls of corporate America or in a grocery store and literally bump into someone with the same last name then have your heart leap with joy to know that you two are indeed related. 

In this age of rapid communication and ease of transport, it is amazing how out of touch with our extended families we have become.  Our cousins are scattered all over the country and around the world.  And so, we hunger for the human touch of the people with whom we share the same bloodline.  Then every once in a while, you hear about how some of them got together for a small gathering.  But, you heard too late.  Or the timing was off for you.  Whatever the case, you recall wanting to be there if just for a little while.  You wanted to see old family members one more time.  You wanted to meet new ones.  There is just something special about blood getting together with blood.  There is natural affinity.  You want to know about your people and want your people to know about you and your family. 

It is through the sharing of the details of our lives that we build the bonds of family.  And now you have the opportunity to do just that.

Bring pictures, obituaries, or any other items you may have to share with the family to the Botley  Family Reunion which will be held Thursday, November 22, 2012 (Thanksgiving Day) through Friday, November 23, 2012, in Beaumont, Texas. 

Make sure you mark your calendars and get ready for family, friends, dancing, good music, good food and good fun.  "It's a Family Affair."   

Please help us get the word out!  Feel free to forward this website to our family and friends.   

This will be a great time to bring the family, not only to meet cousins from around the world, but to also experience  Beaumont, Texas' classic Cajun cuisine, zesty Texas barbecue and authentic Mexican fare.  Our restaurants are as spicy as the people who live here.  Beaumont is a southern city with a swanky swagger that will spice up your getaway.  Also, Beaumont is a fun-loving city which is just minutes away from the coast and Louisiana casinos.

If you have any questions regarding the upcoming reunion, feel free to call any of the below Committee Members or send an email to: 

Embracing you with much love,


The Botley Family Reunion 2012 Committee Members


Kittie (Botley) Arvie - (409) 861-1848 or 658-2531

Michael Arvie  -  (409) 861-1848

Sabrina (Cooper) Whittley - (409) 896-5668 or 504-9907 

Roger Whittley  -  (409) 896-5668

Lenette (Jones) Botley  -  (409) 617-2476

Henry Botley, Jr.  -  (409) 617-4964

Tiffaney (Williams) Botley  -  (409) 838-4024

Kenneth Botley  -  (409) 838-4024 or 553-1497


Reunion Dues

All family members and friends who are planning to attend the Botley Family Reunion must pay their  reunion dues. 

The deadline to pay your reunion dues, without late charges, is September 15, 2012.  Please pay your reunion dues as early as possible so the Committee Members can began purchasing items for the Family Reunion.   


Reunion Dues (if paid by September 15, 2012): 

Individuals (18 yrs. old & older):  $50.00

Couples:  $90.00

17 yrs. old & younger:  Free


Late Reunion Dues (if paid after the deadline of September 15, 2012).

Individuals (18 yrs. old & older):  $70.00

Couples:  $110.00

17 yrs. old & younger:  Free 



Reunion dues may be paid online through PayPal or by money order to:


Kittie Arvie

2080 Sams Way

Beaumont TX 77706 

Please go to the "Pay Reunion Fees" tab at the top of this page to pay your fee online.

Reunion Dues are non-refundable. 



Please remember that it is important to register early so the Committee Members can adequately prepare for accommodations, refreshments, and activities for all of our family and friends. 

The deadline for registration is September 15, 2012.

Please complete the Registration Form and submit with your payment by September 15, 2012.

Please go to the "Registration Form" tab at the top of this page to register online.


Mail or email a copy of your baby or youth picture to be used for the  Family Reunion "Guess Who?" poster to the below mailing or email address (pictures will not be returned)


Kittie Arvie

2080 Sams Way

Beaumont, TX 77706  


Please mail or email your family portrait and any business cards to the above mailing or email address if you would like for a copy to be included in the Family Reunion Booklet. 

We are looking forward to a wonderful and exciting time together in Beaumont, Texas!  


Help us cover some of the reunion expenses prior to the big event.  We’re requesting an optional donation from those who can afford it to assist with upfront expenses like postage, supplies, and advance deposits for buildings.

While these donations will not be applied towards your final reunion payment, those who contribute will be listed on the Botley Family Reunion website.  

To make a donation, please go to the "Pay Reunion Fees" tab at the top of this page to make a donation also.

Thanks in advance for your financial contribution and generous support!  

Donations are non-refundable.  

We will see you soon!


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Transportation from Houston Airports to Beaumont:  CLICK HERE

Transportation from Beaumont to Houston Airports:  CLICK HERE


Botley Family Reunion Drawing

WIN $50

The first 40 family members or friends to pay their Reunion Dues online or through the mail will get their names entered into a drawing for a chance to win $50. 

The drawing will be held at the Botley Family Reunion on Thursday, November 22, 2012.  (You do not have to be present to win.)  

Committee Members who have already paid or have not paid yet cannot participate in the drawing.


The Committee Members sold

Raffle Tickets for $5.00 per ticket

to raise money for the

Botley Family Reunion. 


  • 1st Prize Winner ($300 Cash):

Jenny Lewis

Raffle Ticket sold by:

Kenneth Botley


  • 2nd Prize Winner ($100 Cash):

Ed Richey

Raffle Ticket sold by:

Henry Botley, Jr.


Drawing was held on

September 15, 2012. 

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